Martha’s Dreamers Take Manhattan

At 7:15 in the morning on Wednesday, March 7th, I boarded the NJ PATH train from Grove Street heading towards 23rd Street; whereupon, I disembarked and made my way towards street level.  As I emerged from the station, I caught my first memorable sight of the morning…a bare bum.  Yes, that is exactly what I saw…a bare behind as only NYC can provide.  And, no, I do not have any photographs of that!

A little discombobulated, I kept on moving…destination Martha Stewart’s studio for the taping of the 10am show.  According to the instructions from the ladies in charge of the event, we were to arrive there by 8:15am to check-in and we were to wear bright, solid colors (absolutely no black!)  And – much to my relief – I arrived at the studio entrance without further disturbances.

I have never been to a live taping of a show, much less the Martha Stewart Show!  So you can imagine just how excited and awed I was to step into her studio once our groups were called in from the waiting area.  The bright lights, the perfectly laid out set…well, see for yourself!

Nicolle (Libby Lane Press) and Janet (Sweet Temptations)

I want her kitchen *lol*

...and her flower atrium...ha!

The episode (aired on March 7th) featured the following segments:

A brief Q&A session transpired once taping concluded.

Peggy Gaffney (Kanine Knits)

Once the show was over, we all gathered up in front of the studios and climbed into a bus that took us back to MSLO for the remainder of the event – a lunch sponsored by SCORE, a brief presentation with Sarah Carey (Everyday Food) and a craft demonstration with Jodi Levine (Martha Stewart Living).

Sarah Carrey (Everyday Food)

Jodi Levine (Martha Stewart Living)

The new line of home office products from Martha Stewart for Avery

And, so concluded the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers Event for 2012! Thank you to the staff at MSLO for taking such great care of us and organizing the event.  And, a gigantic thank you to all of the Dreamers whose talents and drive provide such wonderful inspiration!

Here are a few more shots of Dreamers!

Just me...Gemma (BrainFry Concepts)

Sachiko (Mimicafe Union) and Jodi Levine

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