Happy Friday! Go Out and Seize the Day!

Paramus Ridgewood Duck Pond, New Jersey - I took this photograph while enjoying the park with my family.

Yes, that’s a nod at Newsies, which I saw way back when…when Christian Bale starred as Jack Kelly in Disney’s musical covering the newsboys strike at the turn of the century. Currently, the musical has been revived for the stage and is playing at the Nederland Theatre on Broadway.

Anyway, enough of that…I chose that particular call to action specifically because personally it has been somewhat of a tough week to go through. No, nothing bad or untoward has occurred. Just some weeks or days are difficult – sometimes there’s a reason, sometimes there isn’t. And, while it’s ok to give into mulishness from time to time, there are better things to do and you just have to give yourself a shake and plow on! Easier said than done, I know…so here are some suggestions on how to deal with those “Jonah Days” (Yes, that’s a reference to Anne of Green Gables!)…

Take a walk. The weather has been so fine and the sun wonderfully invigorating!

Hit the park! Bring a picnic and lounge about under a lazy tree.

Grab a cup of coffee (or – if you’re in the Park Slope neighborhood – some fresh yogurt a la Culture…I hear their Key Lime Pie is a treat!)

Hop in the car and go see a movie! Hunger Games just hit the theaters!

Basically. Enjoy. Life.

Now…have a great rest of your day and an excellent weekend, folks! I’ll be back on Monday with a veritable smorgasbord of goodies!

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