Thursday Cravings: A Weekend in Paris

With a short holiday ahead to celebrate the Easter weekend, I can only daydream of taking a trip…to once again discover the beauty of Paris, the City of Light…and – with Sinatra playing in the background as I prep this post – here’s just what I wish I could take with me!

Credits:  1) Anywhere Weekender Bag – Brahmin; 2) Kindle Canvas Clutch – Diane von Furstenberg; 3) Draped Neck Dress – Alexander McQueen; 4) Benj Bracelet – Dannijo; 5) Trench Coat – Antonio Croce; 6) Ankle Strap Shoe – Ballin

And…a very brief personal history….  Not so very long ago…back in the Spring of 2005…I went on a ladies’ trip with my mom, grandmother, and aunts to France.  We flew into Charles De Gaulle, hopped on a train to visit our Lady of Lourdes, took a bus through the French countryside to explore the medieval city of Carcassonne and then returned to Paris on the overnight train to enjoy the sights!

Once there…I tried to fit in as many sights and experiences as possible…tasting everything I could from my first encounter with escargot to the fresh baguettes from the local boulangeries…visiting the museums (Rodin and Louvre) and catching a ballet at the Opera Bastille…strolling along the Seine and stopping at little shops…pausing every so often to take in the glorious architecture that surrounded me.  Basically, doing as much as I could in a short time period (we were there for 3 days).  It was then…really…that I fell in love with Paris for the first time…and here is a little overview of the trip (a la my personal photos) and some of my suggestions on what to do when in France!

Explore the French countryside! (This photo of the Pyrenees was taken en route from Lourdes to Carcassonne)

See the Hall of Mirrors, formal gardens and pools of Versailles

Hop on a Metro...take a stroll along the cobblestone streets of Montmartre towards La Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. Once here, you will find a gorgeous view of Paris, too!

If you love sculptures...say 'hallo!' to The Thinker at La Musee Rodin...and then visit the Louvre to have a peek at the Mona Lisa!

Grab a fresh baguette, some wine and cheese...and enjoy a light repast at the Tuilerie Gardens.

The Pont St. Michel over the Seine with the Musee du Louvre behind me.

There’s so much to do when in Paris…but remember to relax, breathe and enjoy. This city – full of amazing architecture, art and culture – has been around for centuries…and I’m sure you (and I) will have a chance to go back to it.

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