Friday and the Randoms

I just wanted to pop on really quickly to share random…new photos I managed to shoot last weekend (btw…what do you suggest…should I use my stationery business logo for the watermarks? or a simple signature?) and I have no doubt that I’ll snap a few more since a couple of friends arrived yesterday for the weekend.

We’ll be hitting the city today for some brick oven pizza a la Lombardi’s

and (hopefully) some rice pudding from Rice to Riches!

and then hopping the train over to Brooklyn for some cherry blossom love at the Botanical Gardens

and after that there’s even more eating (of course) at Peter Luger….

I’m hoping that the weather holds up for tomorrow so that we can stroll along the paths at Central Park

and grab a sweet thing or two from Bouchon Bakery (I want to just finally try a macaron!!!)….

Do any of you have a favorite and must see spot in the Big Apple?  Share!

*** Thank you to my friend, Cass, and her daughter, Sweet P, for being my photo-snapping/exploring/learning partner, as well as patient models ^o^

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