Friday Randoms and a Hippity-Hop-Hop…HOP

Just a quick litty bitty…to wish you and yours…a very Happy Bunny Day!

Celebrate the weekend…the holiday…

and…the oh-so-adorable bunnies that hatch from eggs only to lay more and more eggs a la Cadbury (psst…they have mini ones so you can make something so edibly cute like this!)…

unless – of course – they’re the other kind of bunnies that fall in love with peanut butter cups.  I’m a little torn on these options…I mean…one is classic, right?  The other…well…peanut butter and chocolate…’nuff said.

or…you can play along with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland a la Irving Berlin…stroll along Fifth Avenue…in your easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it…You’ll be the grandest lady in the easter parade… 

if…the kids need something livelier than the musical?  Pop a little E.B. on the tube to distract them so that you can go on and set up the easter egg hunt!

now…if you’re like me…and going to have a pretty laid-back weekend (lunch with the fam is about all I have on my schedule!)  Don’t forget to make a little basket for that special little man (or lady)…in my case – it’s my nephew whom I adore!  My boyfriend and I stopped by Michaels, grabbed all the little bits and ta-da…basket for the Little Man 🙂

Anyway…I hope that all of you…bunny or not…have a fabulous weekend…

and here’s a little hip-hip-hop to get the ball rolling!


And, here we are again: Friday and the Randoms.

Image Source: The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond

The image above is a startling reflection of how I feel today.  It’s been a crazy week…I’m exhausted…and I wish I was still able to enjoy Spring Break.  But – alas! – it’s been a long…long…long time since I’ve had a Spring Break to enjoy.  I am no spring chicken (ha).

Anyway…it’s Friday.  For most of you, you’re welcoming a nice break with the weekend.  Since my business primarily revolves around wedding invitations, I will not be on break.  With BrainFry, my weekends are dedicated to meeting with potential and existing clients.  This weekend is no different (thankfully).  A quiet weekend isn’t welcome in my house, though I am hoping that there will be a few hours down time somewhere between now and Monday (lol).

As usual, I digress…sometimes I think I have absolutely nothing to say, but then the fingers start moving and the brain starts squawking.  *sigh*  And…there it goes again…but here they are…some Friday randoms…

If I weren’t on the Insanity diet, I would totally dive into some monkey bread a la the Pioneer Woman.  I’ve made it a few times before and Oh-My-God…it’s A-MA-ZING!  Must be all that butter, sugar and cinnamon.  YUM!

I have never had a macaron though I hear that the ones from Laduree are truly delectable.

The Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger is completely amusing – I giggle whenever I read any of the novels from the series.  Quite. A. Bit.  I highly recommend the books to everyone, especially those who enjoy period literature with a bit of supernatural, a splash of steampunk, and a lot of humor.

I love all the pretty details in this Mt. Pleasant Wedding from StyleMePretty!  (esp. the curtain of origami cranes!)

Earlier this morning…between sleep and wakefulness…I found this and had a laugh.  In my free time, I’m a gamer and so is my boyfriend…and not so long ago…we used to play together (though now our schedules don’t permit it).

Here is another giggle!  I really do love to laugh…and often.  It’s a good and healthy thing!  So, tip of the day…don’t forget to laugh!

And…last but not least…a song to start your weekend with!

Happy Friday, friends!  Have a wonderful weekend!  And…remember…don’t forget to laugh!

Happy Friday! Go Out and Seize the Day!

Paramus Ridgewood Duck Pond, New Jersey - I took this photograph while enjoying the park with my family.

Yes, that’s a nod at Newsies, which I saw way back when…when Christian Bale starred as Jack Kelly in Disney’s musical covering the newsboys strike at the turn of the century. Currently, the musical has been revived for the stage and is playing at the Nederland Theatre on Broadway.

Anyway, enough of that…I chose that particular call to action specifically because personally it has been somewhat of a tough week to go through. No, nothing bad or untoward has occurred. Just some weeks or days are difficult – sometimes there’s a reason, sometimes there isn’t. And, while it’s ok to give into mulishness from time to time, there are better things to do and you just have to give yourself a shake and plow on! Easier said than done, I know…so here are some suggestions on how to deal with those “Jonah Days” (Yes, that’s a reference to Anne of Green Gables!)…

Take a walk. The weather has been so fine and the sun wonderfully invigorating!

Hit the park! Bring a picnic and lounge about under a lazy tree.

Grab a cup of coffee (or – if you’re in the Park Slope neighborhood – some fresh yogurt a la Culture…I hear their Key Lime Pie is a treat!)

Hop in the car and go see a movie! Hunger Games just hit the theaters!

Basically. Enjoy. Life.

Now…have a great rest of your day and an excellent weekend, folks! I’ll be back on Monday with a veritable smorgasbord of goodies!

Erin Go Bragh! (“Ireland Forever”)

May 2009 - I took this photograph as we were hiking along the path through Connemara National Park to view the Twelve Bens (pronounced 'pins'). I think it works perfectly for this traditional Irish blessing.

Most of my family and friends know that I am head over heels in love with Ireland – the people, the food, the Guinness, the culture, and – most especially – the countryside.  With its rolling hills and its amazingly varied landscape, the Emerald Isle is a treasure trove of natural beauty that will take your breath away.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I will wrap-up the week and dedicate my Friday randoms to Ireland and all the bits I remember from trips taken in 2007 and 2009!

When in Dublin, make sure to stop at Bewley’s for a cuppa!

Hop on a bus…take a tour…and find out why Wicklow is known as the “Garden of Ireland

Wildflowers thrive in the surreal landscape that is the Burren, a natural formation of limestone bedrock that is peppered with archaeological sites from megalithic tombs to portal dolmens.

Winding roads and narrow lanes…a trusty little car…the one you love…and tunes (like this and this) on the radio.  A wonderful way to see the countryside.

Would you like to stay at a castle and make friends with a falcon?

Grab lunch at the oldest fish n’ chip shop in Dublin – Leo Burdock’s.

Take a pause and view the illustrations and ornamentations of the Book of Kells while visiting the Long Room at Trinity College.

Enjoy peace and tranquility in County Clare at this “Old World” Country House.

Legend has it that if you kiss it, you’ll be blessed with the gift of eloquence.

Explore Killarney National Park on horseback!

Go back in time and stroll through the 16th and 19th centuries at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park.

Take a tour of the Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate…

and – last, but not least – enjoy a pint of true Irish Guinness at the Gravity Bar.

I hope that all of you enjoy a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Sláinte!