Who’s Who: Lynlee’s Petite Cakes

Hello and Happy Who’s Who Tuesday!  Up this week…Lynlee Beckett of Lynlee’s Petite Cakes!

Lynlee Beckett of Lynlee's Petite Cakes

Sometime in mid-March, I actually featured Lynlee’s Bunny Hole Push-Up Pops in my post “Picks for a Bunny-tastic Holiday“.  I try to keep up with the party scene and really enjoy all the work that the event stylists put into their tables and parties, and when I saw that Easter Egg Hunt styled by Lynlee in the Spring Issue of The Party Dress Magazine…well I had to include it in that bunny board!

Easter Egg Hunt

Anyway, let’s back track a bit….  Remember that Dreamers into Doers event I blogged about when I first started Daily Bits?  I’ve referred back to it quite a few times because so many of the fabulous women I have spotlighted (and will be introducing in the weeks to come) are part of Martha’s Dreamers.

Well, up until that event in March, I had only really kept up with Lynlee’s work through Facebook; I know there are the other social media outlets like Twitter but I have only been able to really keep up with things through the one and typically go cross-eyed with the other (lol).  Luckily, I had the opportunity to meet Lynlee in person at the event, where we shared some giggles and photos and whatnot…and I’ve asked her to take part in Daily Bits so that you, too, can get to know this sweet lady 🙂

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a child, I wanted to be a singer/rockstar when I grew up!  I’ve always loved to sing and annoyed my little brother all the time…whether it was in my room, the car or all throughout the house!  Though I am not pursuing this career as an adult, I have to admit…I’m sure my current neighbors might have their own complaints! 😉

Silly Old Bear - Winnie the Pooh

When did you start your business and what inspired you to do it?

I started my business back in 2010 shortly after I threw my daughter’s third birthday.  I had always loved planning parties and decorating cakes/cupcakes with frosting, but I had not tried my hand at fondant.  When we had decided on a cowgirl theme, I wanted to do something a little different for her cupcakes and started searching the internet for some ideas.  I came upon a tutorial to make three-dimensional fondant horses and decided to tackle my fear of fondant and give it a try.  I left my career as a retail buyer and ever since, I have been enthralled in this love affair with both fondant and parties and have been so fortunate to have been able to turn it into my new career!

Come Fly Away - Pan Am

What are the most important business lessons you have learned so far?

I would say the most important lesson I have learned thus far has been to be able to adapt and change my plans and goals as necessary.  Having a business plan to lay out the road map for where you want to go is indispensable…but when business and demands change, it is vital to be able to re-route and change directions to stay on track for the bigger picture. Constantly re-prioritizing is also key for not only a business, but to attempt to achieve balance with your home life as well! I also feel that social media is an invaluable tool for the modern business…be it small companies or large corporations, especially when it comes to advertising and promoting your brand, as well as networking and developing relationships with members of any industry.

Pirate Fondant Toppers

 What has been your favorite project so far and why?

Such a difficult question, as the list of favorites in terms of both fondant work and parties is long…but I would say that to date, my absolute favorite project was my daughter’s Finding Neverland party to celebrate her fourth birthday party.  I loved incorporating the decor and beauty of the Victorian era with the imaginative play of the classic Peter Pan story to allow the kids imagine and believe!!!  I have a special place in my heart for children’s themes and parties because of this notion of “believing” and the sheer happiness that comes from it.

Finding Neverland - Peter Pan

Random quirky question here….  If you were an animal, what would it be and why?

If I were an animal, I’d have to say I’d like to be a French poodle. I have an affinity for anything French and this iconic animal epitomizes elegance and intelligence and the overall “ooh la la” city girl way of life! ♥

Find out more about Lynlee’s Petite Cakes by visiting:


Martha’s Dreamers Take Manhattan

At 7:15 in the morning on Wednesday, March 7th, I boarded the NJ PATH train from Grove Street heading towards 23rd Street; whereupon, I disembarked and made my way towards street level.  As I emerged from the station, I caught my first memorable sight of the morning…a bare bum.  Yes, that is exactly what I saw…a bare behind as only NYC can provide.  And, no, I do not have any photographs of that!

A little discombobulated, I kept on moving…destination Martha Stewart’s studio for the taping of the 10am show.  According to the instructions from the ladies in charge of the event, we were to arrive there by 8:15am to check-in and we were to wear bright, solid colors (absolutely no black!)  And – much to my relief – I arrived at the studio entrance without further disturbances.

I have never been to a live taping of a show, much less the Martha Stewart Show!  So you can imagine just how excited and awed I was to step into her studio once our groups were called in from the waiting area.  The bright lights, the perfectly laid out set…well, see for yourself!

Nicolle (Libby Lane Press) and Janet (Sweet Temptations)

I want her kitchen *lol*

...and her flower atrium...ha!

The episode (aired on March 7th) featured the following segments:

A brief Q&A session transpired once taping concluded.

Peggy Gaffney (Kanine Knits)

Once the show was over, we all gathered up in front of the studios and climbed into a bus that took us back to MSLO for the remainder of the event – a lunch sponsored by SCORE, a brief presentation with Sarah Carey (Everyday Food) and a craft demonstration with Jodi Levine (Martha Stewart Living).

Sarah Carrey (Everyday Food)

Jodi Levine (Martha Stewart Living)

The new line of home office products from Martha Stewart for Avery

And, so concluded the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers Event for 2012! Thank you to the staff at MSLO for taking such great care of us and organizing the event.  And, a gigantic thank you to all of the Dreamers whose talents and drive provide such wonderful inspiration!

Here are a few more shots of Dreamers!

Just me...Gemma (BrainFry Concepts)

Sachiko (Mimicafe Union) and Jodi Levine