Who’s Who: The Hudson Cakery

Good morning!  Good morning!  This week’s spotlight for Who’s Who is none other than Jennifer Bunce of The Hudson Cakery, an upscale custom cake boutique in Hudson County.

Established in 2009, Jennifer’s passion for baking is reflected in cakes that are infused with flavor, using only the freshest ingredients.  Each cake is tailored to the needs of her clientele and taste as good as they look!  Her hard work has not gone un-noticed; she and her cakes have been featured in the New York Times, Style Me Pretty and 201 Bride Magazine…to name a few.

On a personal level, I met Jennifer at the NYC Dreamers into Doers dinner that was hosted by Dawn of Bee*s Knees Parties and Khaliah of The Party Muse.  At the time, I had plunked down on the seat beside Jennifer, exchanged our howdy-do’s, and found out that she was practically a neighbor (we both live in Jersey City).  Since then, I have enjoyed spending time with her at random girl’s breakfasts, and worked on a set of printables for a wedding she was involved in, as well as a print that adorns one of the walls in her new shop in Weehawken (I hope; I haven’t had the opportunity to pop into the new location!).

Anyway, without further ado, here’s Jennifer…a totally awesome, fun, and talented…sweets artist and friend!

Tell me about the last project that you walked away thinking, “Man, I’m good!”

I had a sports celebrity client who needed something unique and detailed in under 72 hours.  Normally, this would have taken 5 days, but because I wanted to work with this client again in the future, I was really motivated to do this project. It had to be perfect!  So, after 72 hours of baking from scratch, stacking, constructing, piping, decorating and not sleeping, I was happy with the results.  More importantly, my client was happy!

When are you completely satisfied with your work?

When a bride calls me first thing after the honeymoon to tell me that she was in love with her cake.  I seriously get teary-eyed!  That’s happened twice now in 3 years and I still cannot believe I got those phone calls….

What is your favorite flavor combination for cakes?

Definitely, my Chocolate Fudge Cake with Peanut Butter Buttercream.  Ah. Maze. Ing.

If you were a rock star, who would it be?

I’ve always loved Gwen Stefani – ever since high school.  She seems like she has it together – her music, her family, her ABS!

What do you fill your time with when you’re not working?

That one day a week where I’m not working (but still checking e-mail…*sigh*)…I love to go for a run and clear my head.  And, go to yummy restaurants with my fiance – we are complete foodies!

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And, here we are again: Friday and the Randoms.

Image Source: The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond

The image above is a startling reflection of how I feel today.  It’s been a crazy week…I’m exhausted…and I wish I was still able to enjoy Spring Break.  But – alas! – it’s been a long…long…long time since I’ve had a Spring Break to enjoy.  I am no spring chicken (ha).

Anyway…it’s Friday.  For most of you, you’re welcoming a nice break with the weekend.  Since my business primarily revolves around wedding invitations, I will not be on break.  With BrainFry, my weekends are dedicated to meeting with potential and existing clients.  This weekend is no different (thankfully).  A quiet weekend isn’t welcome in my house, though I am hoping that there will be a few hours down time somewhere between now and Monday (lol).

As usual, I digress…sometimes I think I have absolutely nothing to say, but then the fingers start moving and the brain starts squawking.  *sigh*  And…there it goes again…but here they are…some Friday randoms…

If I weren’t on the Insanity diet, I would totally dive into some monkey bread a la the Pioneer Woman.  I’ve made it a few times before and Oh-My-God…it’s A-MA-ZING!  Must be all that butter, sugar and cinnamon.  YUM!

I have never had a macaron though I hear that the ones from Laduree are truly delectable.

The Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger is completely amusing – I giggle whenever I read any of the novels from the series.  Quite. A. Bit.  I highly recommend the books to everyone, especially those who enjoy period literature with a bit of supernatural, a splash of steampunk, and a lot of humor.

I love all the pretty details in this Mt. Pleasant Wedding from StyleMePretty!  (esp. the curtain of origami cranes!)

Earlier this morning…between sleep and wakefulness…I found this and had a laugh.  In my free time, I’m a gamer and so is my boyfriend…and not so long ago…we used to play together (though now our schedules don’t permit it).

Here is another giggle!  I really do love to laugh…and often.  It’s a good and healthy thing!  So, tip of the day…don’t forget to laugh!

And…last but not least…a song to start your weekend with!

Happy Friday, friends!  Have a wonderful weekend!  And…remember…don’t forget to laugh!